Thursday, January 17, 2008

"There's No Life Like It" or The Harperetic Govt. View of The Military

The deaths of 77 generally very young Canadian men and 1 woman seems to have just simply blended in as background noise and statistics to most Canadians and sadly to the commenters on this website too. We have become far too comfortable with these far too many family personal tragedies.

This Editor still strongly questions and feels we should get back to peace-keeping, education and development as opposed to any forced attempt at our, or rather George Bush's version and definition of peace-making, which is simply put just combat and destruction.

Canadians have been all but de-sensitized by this Government support of ultra conservative macho politics and falsely believe that our war in Afghanistan will ultimately make a difference. History proves these types of war do not make a difference. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc.

The main point of this comment is that the 77 deaths is not the only tragedy. How about the countless injured and permanently maimed young men and women that this government does not publicise statistics on. Why? Read this buried newspaper recent article re just yesterday's 7 injured young Canadians, in one day alone.

What is the real ratio of injured and severely injured to actual deaths one wonders? 10 to 1 , 20 to 1, more? This could easily amount to 800 to a couple of thousands of injured and maimed young and naive veterans that will have to live with physical reminders, small and great, for their whole life. This is because of their youthful idealism that have perhaps also succumbed to the lure of the current exciting Rambo Canadian military television and print ads!

"Fight Terror!" & "Fight Fear" & "Fight Chaos" & "Fight with the Canadian Forces - Join Us." The word "fight" is used in the 30 second recruiting video over 8 times. It's the common thread most used word on the Canadian forces website & video. Should it be so in our Canada? I personally think not. It should go back to "Peace". It should never have changed in the first place. How about peace and peace-keeping 8 times in a 30 second video instead? Obviously not with this Harperitic view of Rambo military politics!

The bottom line is that Canadians and LFP commenters are far too de-sensitised to this what I believe is at minimum questionable and pointless violence and mayhem. If it was closer to your home with your own son, daughter, brother, sister, parent or family member would you think any differently perhaps? Or is it simply just so distant from your personal life and environs that that you simply don't think enough about it to really care about it. Or is it my country right or wrong? This Editor votes wrong!

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