Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go Ahead Mr Gates, Take The Afghanistan War Away From Canada, PLEASE!

Tragic couple of days in the Canadian Afghan war stage. First of all we now have the 77th Canadian son killed in action. The landmark 100th casuality is not to far off now. Also the Taliban struck in the supposedly safe heart of Kabul at the very same hotel that PM Harper and many other Canadian politicians regularily slept in. No small task for the Taliban as this newly built highest security hotel was constructed and guarded more securely than Fort Knox or the White House. Yet the Taliban violently gained entry and ramdomly roamed around and killed indescriminately all the while searching out diplomats in the hotel. But the real story and the real point that this Editor has to make is the concurrent surprising encouragement of the United States Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates who says; ".. in an unusual public criticism, said he believes NATO forces currently deployed in southern Afghanistan do not know how to combat a guerrilla insurgency." Essentially Gates, " faults (the) NATO force in southern Afghanistan." So given all this why the hell are we still taking the brunt of the combat in Afghanistan for Gearge W. Bush's U.S.A. ? Meanwhile it is now reported that P.M. Harper is furious about the comment. An apology is not enough although I expect one forthcoming. Canada should simply get out of this unwwinable war before we get into the 3 digit casualities. We are not winning and we are not appreciated either....

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