Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another Questionable "Hush-Hush Langley Land Deal" Reported by The Province Newspaper Today

What sticks out the most besides the screaming top of today's THE PROVINCE newspaper is the fact that both Mayor Alberts and Deputy Mayor Charlie Fox are either 'not available for comment..' or 'did not return calls.' about the latest of the ongoing questionable and really quiet Langley Township land deals. Today's fiasco super taxpayer owned land deal is the Dickson pit property.

Yes folks read all about the latest of many hot and heavy land deals that this Township Mayor and Council are doing below in today's two page spread THE PROVINCE on this specific 38 hectare "Hush-Hush" township taxpayer land sale.

Local resident neighbour Larri Woodrow in regards to this most recent hush-hush land sale is quoted in THE PROVINCE saying, "Why wasn't there a public auction? There's got to be a reason. There are dozens of questions and no answers, ....Something's really wrong."

Former Township Councillor candidate Glen Tomblin is quoted in THE PROVINCE saying, " Unusual land deals are usual in Langley... Land deals always come through the back door," He is also quoted to say, "These guys on council are costing us millions of dollars."

To read the full story go to this actual newspaper article link of THE PROVINCE which is a 3 story spread on page A8 through to page A9. This article has 2 great great pictures describing the actual property that was sold by Township council. To see the actual THE PROVINCE front page top heading story title go to this actual newspaper article link. To see the two same simple to read main articles link without pictures link here and here.

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