Sunday, January 27, 2008

Susan Semonick On Schools - Jan 27, 2008 Tidbits - North Langley Consultation Meeting

North Langley Consultation Meeting January 24Th, 2008 7-9 pm

Go to to see details of what the group of approximately 200 interested participants had to say and what they were told.
You can give them further input by e-mailing the school district too.

This time there was no singling out of one particular school they were presented as one entire area. Way to go they have heard from us and moved on certain initiatives.

The district will be collating and posting questions (hopefully with responses to them) soon.
In the meantime, as we wait for the district, I would be interested to hear from those who attended.
What did you think of the presentation?
What are your concerns?
Can you advise any answers to the three questions that the district was asking?
The 3 questions were:
1. What are the most important emerging issues for your school Community?
2. In building for the future in Langley School District, what services programs and opportunities do you want to see for your children?
3. What questions do you still have that you would like addressed? Do you have any additional comments?

What reaction if anything from the information you heard did you have?
You can personally e-mail me here. OR Post your comments for us all to see.

Susan Semonick

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