Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dickson Pit A "Rare Bog Sold In Secret" - Vancouver Sun

Today's Vancouver Sun article on page B5 about the controversial Dickson Pit sale was written by Langley Advance's very own Mathew Claxton. It quotes Mr. Larri Woodrow of The Derby Reach Park Association saying: " The whole process has been wrong from the start." More interesting to this Editor was the Mathew Claxton revelation that this secret council deal included: "A large piece of formerly public land [that] has been in the hands of a private owner since May.." ! What does this mean, MAY 2007? That's a long period of time? Why in secret?

Meanwhile Mayor Alberts who was not available for THE PROVINCE initial breaking story has suddenly of late been heard on media outlets including the VANCOUVER SUN article where he now claims that: " the deal protects the wetlands on the site, while securing revenue for the Township." Yeah right. The Township needs this money to pay for all the other secret and stupid sundry land deals in Langley Township like the Bedford House restaurant/bar land deal and the golf course land deal and on and on. What else don't we know about wonders this Editor?

This Editor is also aware that occupants on the adjacent property that purchased this Dickson Pit public land also contributed in total up to ~$1875.00 to both sitting Mayor Alberts election campaign as well as to sitting Councillor Ferguson's election campaign.

How many more controversial land deals has this Mayor & Council done or are still negotiating/pending in secret? And why?

It's time to unelect this Mayor's silent slate on council. Enough is enough. Time for a major change on Langley Township Council. Let's definitely start with the Mayor!

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