Thursday, October 04, 2007

Surrey Mayor Watts and Mike Harcourt Demand Rapid Bus/Transit NOW - Where's Township Mayor Kurt Alberts?

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts quoted in The Province says waiting for Gateway in 2013 is too long to wait for Rapid Bus service saying waiting until then is "totally unacceptable." Also former Premier Mike Harcourt says on CKWX 'forget about doing more studies, the time is now' to start building rapid transit to the Fraser Valley.

Meanwhile where has our very own Langley Township mayor Kurt Alberts been on this issue? Where is he now? We know he sat on the Translink board for years. Where are his demands to better our transit crisis in Langley? Every Langley poll each and every year and and many others scream out the need for faster & better transit in, to and out of the Langleys! Where's Waldo?

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