Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reliable Rumor Has It...What's The Real Agenda of the "Aldergrove Task Force"? Politicking??

Township rookie Councillor Jordan Bateman was beaming about his passed motion yesterday to "make recommendations on public safety, environment, recreation, and social strategy for Aldergrove". Meanwhile significant others are wondering what's afoot here?

"The task force will report back to Council as a whole within sixty days. It will examine the positive and negative things happening in Aldergrove, and make recommendations to the Township on how to improve things." says Bateman.

Reliable Rumor Has It... that some other significant politicos are rightfully wondering if this task force is a sham and a coverup for a secret agenda developed by Cllrs. Bateman and Fox over the past few months?

Reliable Rumor Has It... that both Bateman and Fox have been sighted in Aldergrove meeting with some well known members of the development community, specifically those involved in the Fort Langley restaurant purchase and those previously associated with Bateman's old alma mater - the Langley Leadership Team (LLT).

Fox was overheard to say yesterday that "we" already have 52 recommendations that "we" want to get acting on now. So who's the cozy club "we"? How long have they been meeting? What are their 52 recommendations? Who authorized them? How much will they cost? (This Editor smells the distinct aroma of mushroom compost going on in the backrooms - must be an election coming up and a few 'keeners' are getting a jump start on it! Keep your eye on the "boy who would be king"!)
52 recommendations! WOW! Why even have a task force if they know what they want already? Isn't this putting the cart before the horse because how can you have recommendations when you haven't got a task force or any terms of reference yet? Sounds to me like this is simply window dressing for a secret agenda. Whose agenda? What's in it for the plotting politicos and the developers? How much will it cost the taxpayers? Why just a task force for Aldergrove? Why not one for Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, Brookswood, Murrayville, etc., etc.?

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