Monday, October 08, 2007

Only 3 From Township Council of 9 Attend Inauguration Of The New Township IAFF Local!

A couple of weeks ago a very important event happened in Langley Township that has gone unreported. The attached pictures and story were kindly sent to LFP.

The innaugral firefighter charter of the newest North American Chapter of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) was celebrated at Township Hall 4, the first full time firefighter staffed hall in Langley Township.

Pictured from left to right are 3 Metro Vancouver firefighters who also live in Langley Township and are members of Langley Township's CFAST (Citizens For A Safer Township), Langley Township Fire Chief Doug Wade, Township Councillor Kim Richter, Lorne West - a Township resident and IAFF 6th District Vice President, Tony Crawford - a Township resident and City of Langley IAFF President, and Andy Hewitson - President of the newly formed IAFF local in Langley Township.

Township Mayor Kurt Alberts unveiled the charter along with Lorne West, Andy Hewitson and Chief Wade. After the ceremony apparently the IAFF members insisted on getting a group photo together with Councillor Kim Richter along with the charter. One senior IAFF member was heard to say that;
"Richter should be unveiling the Township IAFF charter, not Alberts, because there would not have been any full time firefighters in the Township yet if it wasn't for her."

This Editor is amazed that only Cllrs. Richter And Ward joined Mayor Alberts at this charter unveiling reception. This did not go unnoticed by the attendees and many considered this a snub. Just this week the Vancouver Sun reported that one of the highest proportion of firefighters that work in Metro Vancouver (formerely GVRD) also live and vote in Langley. Not to mention that many say that the IAFF support has been instrumental in getting many a Mayor & Councillor elected (such as in Surrey). CFAST, if you remember in the last Langley municipal election had a web site promoting full time firefighters in Langley Township and published ads endorsing Township council members. They were particularly supportive of Richter and her efforts for public safety. This Editor wonders if CFAST and the IAFF will endorse her team and her for Mayor come next November?

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