Friday, October 19, 2007

Part III of the mysterious Get Moving BC – Who wrote the Bridge Report? How much were they paid?

This editor has spent some time reading Get Moving BC’s latest report on Bridge comparisons between Vancouver and Portland. What was glaringly obvious to me was the lack of author. All the document says is “By Get Moving BC October 2007”. So who wrote it and what were their credentials?

Most organizations hire people to write reports for them and the persons responsible for the report are clearly identified somewhere in the document. Not so with Get Moving BC. Why?

It doesn’t look like Get Moving BC has a staff of any sort – or none that are easily identifiable from their website. There is no CEO or general manager or researcher for example. But there is an “Advisory Board”. Are these people paid? Did one of them write the Bridge Report? If yes, what are their credentials? Are they transportation engineers? PhD’s? Planners?

Was a member of the Advisory Board paid to write the report? If so, how much?

Why the secrecy?
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