Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Langley Township Taxpayer Alert! - New Fiasco To Keep Langley City Blooming Nice?

Today's Langley Times front page reports a suddenly out of the blue, botanical garden proposal that comes to Township council October 15th that will border Langley City on Fraser Highway! Why not? The Township council good ole boy's club loves spending our money on restaurants/bars, private golf courses and also not to be forgotten rampantly over budget, incomplete and vacant grandstands! Heck it's well known that the good ole boys thrive on non budgeted spur of the moment ridiculous purchase and spending decisions. Why should this be any different?

What should alert the taxpayer that the fix is probably already in are early warning keywords such as;
-City of Langley Mayor Fassbender involved,
-the Langley City Rotary club involved,
-private meetings with Mayor Alberts on the topic,
-well known political backer of Township mayor Kurt Alberts, Eric Bysouth involved.

This Editor has been told for your interest's sake that Mr. Bysouth has moved from the Township to Langley City! Remember Mr. Bysouth who was also on the Mark Warawa conservative executive and has been a frequent political letter writer and was also known for his annual biased Township Council report cards.

This Editor wonders out loud if this botanical garden on the City's border will help maintain and grow Langley City's only single important strategic focus. Specifically, winning the 'communities in bloom award' perpetually! Just in case you are wondering what their second most important focus is, it is screwing the Township council old boy's club on joint funding ventures! Which brings to mind the old proverb, 'killing two birds with one stone'!

This Editor predicts that this will all come at probably the Township tax payers great expense in the end. Pun intended! How soon we forget the wonderful co-funding experiences of the City and Township on shared community facilities as well as shared police services funding. The game score so far in this is City - 100% won and Township 100% lost! Another stellar opportunity to keep it up boys. No pun intended!

If Langley City wants a botanical garden so much why not locate it in the city besides the proposed homeless shelter which may help mitigate the immediate city neighbours anger about the shelter! Not to mention the garden can also host over flow homeless at times as well especially when the busloads of homeless from east end Vancouver are "relocated/hidden" in Langley during the Olympics!

So watch the Township meeting and see if the good ole boys on Township council once again jump into this new spend, borrow and tax adventure! My prediction is they will spend a little now to study it (which really means to get more justification materials) followed by another outflow of big tax bucks at a later date. This editor if I were taking bets on who will move the motion on the Mayor's behalf to take action on this proposal would at this time issue these pay out odds;

1-1 Grant Ward
2-1 Mel Kositsky
2-1 Charlie Fox
3-1 Howie Vickberg
5-1 Bob Long
5-1 Jordan Bateman
100-1 Kim Richter
Who knows! - Steve Ferguson
Place your best guess on odds on the comments as well and stay tuned!

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