Thursday, October 04, 2007

Richest City in Quebec/Canada and Biggest Liberal Stronghold Chastises Dion - He's Toast!

Iggy, Canada needs you now to take over or we will waste much more on the ill fated Afghan war! The Quebec City of Westmount's local community paper chastises Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion in today's editorial! Shocking!

This comes from a community that has the highest average income per person in the nation and the highest amount of movers, shakers and millionaires.

You have to understand that Westmount is the predominantly wealthy English enclave/ghetto on Montreal's west island where millionaires live and even former millionaire PMs like Pierre Trudeau lived. When this epitome and bastion of federal Liberals rails against someone like Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion, you know he's finished in Quebec. And if your party is finished in Quebec, it's sadly finished as well in the next national election. Not even boy wonder Mark Marissen who sadly engineered Dion's Liberal takeover can salvage the day at this juncture!

By the way the poor Langley Dion Liberal candidate (cannon fodder) whose name nobody remembers will have the worst showing ever in this riding if anybody knows where the heck what's his name is! Talk about where's Waldo! Another great job of Langley Liberal team building by local Liberal riding president Al Peterson and his LP communications guru Sam 'politics' Kirk! Much more sad is the fact that it will be another cake walk for Langley conservative MP Mark Warawa, another stellar and effective Langley rapid transit champion! NOT! Not in your dreams! All too sad for Langley.

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