Thursday, February 15, 2007

Warawa Says Kyoto Bill Just A Mischief Bill

The Liberals, along with all the other opposition parties, managed to pass a private member's bill requiring the Canadian government to meet Kyoto targets. " MPs voted 161-113 in favour of the Liberal bill Wednesday in a battle pitting the minority Tories against the opposition, the Senate, and the country's legal community."(Globe & Mail)

“It's just a mischief bill,” said Mark Warawa, parliamentary secretary to the environment minister( & Langley MP).
“It shows what the Liberals have always done: just empty rhetoric, empty bills that won't actually achieve anything.
“We're not going back to that. This government is moving forward with real concrete action to clean up the environment.”

Real concrete action on the environment by the Conservatives? Pigs fly too!

The Conservative government lost a last-ditch effort to kill the opposition bill. The Tories appealed to the Speaker of the House of Commons to declare it invalid, arguing that it would illegitimately force the government to spend money against its will. They now say they will in any case ignore this House of Commons passed bill!

However, Speaker Peter Milliken cited two previous rulings that the bill contains no government spending measures. In addition, he can’t speculate on what impact the bill could potentially have. Again citing past rulings, Milliken said the Commons can vote later on any money-related provisions as they come up. Parliamentary procedures specifically prohibit such appeals.

Constitutional experts have said the government has no choice but to respect laws passed in Parliament, and they’ve warned that lawsuits lie ahead if it fails to do so. In interviews last week, university law professors Ned Franks, Patrick Monahan and Stewart Elgie all agreed that the government has no choice but to follow the law. Adding his voice to the list Wednesday was Errol Mendes of the University of Ottawa. “If the bill passes. . . it will be a binding legal obligation on the part of the government,” Mendes told CTV. “There could be very serious legal consequences.”

So the Conservatives will arrogantly ignore the newly passed bill & essentially arrogantly ignore the democracy of the majority of the House of commons and there will no doubt be a confidence motion within 60 days. The Conservatives will lose the no confidence motion again by 161-113 and we will all be in an election this spring that LFP predicts will produce a Liberal minority this time based on their carrying Quebec and Ontario. Unless they all want to go to court of course or maybe resign as the ruling government and ask the Governor General to either call an election or hand the reins of government over to the Liberals! It's been done before!

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