Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tories Stacking Right Wing Judges For Neo-Conservative Agenda?

UPDATE: Feb 15 :Harper admits he's picking judges to advance Tory law-and-order aims. No surprise here first take care of your supporters and then take care of your agenda. Focus on the family and their ilk should be thrilled with these judge announcements. So are the Conservatives really any different than the Liberals were when it comes to doling out favoritism & appointments right off of the back of the truck? But isn't it much more dangerous when it comes to judges? Should not those appointments be especially more balanced? At issue are the nominees Harper wants on the Judge advisory committes, "failed Tory election candidate, three Quebecers who served as cabinet aides in Brian Mulroney's government, an Ontario academic who has criticized the current judiciary for excessive activism, and a Manitoba social studies teacher and former Roman Catholic youth worker."

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