Thursday, February 01, 2007

LFP Views On The News

Cllr. Richter simply asks if 24 cents a sq ft is too cheap and suggests an outside independent 2nd opinion and then the wagons form a protective circle around the Langley airport in the form of letters to the editor and most recently this very defensive article. Methinks they doth protest too much! Do you think maybe that there
might be some fire behind this smoky screen? Maybe Richter should spearhead a Sheila Fraser on the airport.

Langley City rubs it in by announcing a very reasonable 2.74% tax hike - half of the Township's! Heck they should have been able to go at 0% given their casino
windfall! Peter please move to the Township! We need you.
Meanwhile there is a flurry of tax help articles in the local papers to assist those who may have difficulties with the dramatic township tax hikes. While well meaning, they are a sad commentary on the Township's financial state of affairs created by our current Mayor Albert's council slate. I particularly liked press icon Rudy Langmann's recent letter to the editor (2nd one down) about increased property taxes.

Kudos again to Langley Times Editor, Frank Bucholtz - he really gets it now! In this recent editorial, he says: "council (Township) does have some explaining to do about its own spending decisions." Bucky, when are you going to ask the Councillors why they are the only people left in Langley who still maintain that they don't have a spending problem except of course Cllr. Richter who was the first
whistler blower of record years ago? Not to mention their equally pathetic tax & borrow problems. Bucky also says that he senses "stirrings of a tax revolt in Langley Township" and that there are "many angry people". You think!

Meanwhile rookie Cllr. Bateman seems to more and more be taking exception to (and even trying to correct) Bucholtz's editorials. Who wouldn't if you were the main author of the motions for two consecutive annual historic tax increases as well as a motion to pour another $1.2 Million into Langley's grand 'cement blob'?

In the same Editorial Bucholtz appears to this Editor to be almost pleading for a "credible individual and organization" to lead the tax revolt charge. Right on Bucky! LFP implores and suggests that Cllr. Richter and local political activist Glen Tomblin shake hands and make up, then tag team to take up this challenge and provide the necessary leadership to kick the tax, borrow and spend Mayor & Councillors out of office. Taxpayers can no longer afford this spendthrift bunch.

Meanwhile another great editorial on tax hikes in Langley by Advance Editor Bob Groeneveld. 'Bounding Bob' is the King of the Editorial Understatement - his editorial style should win more awards. He always keeps you guessing and on your toes as to whether he's tongue in cheek or serious or supportive or not. I especially love this recent line: "They don't get into detail about how those $91 (in 2007 tax increases) will still be compounded and added to subsequent years' tax increases" in response to the Councillors who repeatedly say "it's ONLY a $91 tax increase". (You know who you are!)

Councillor Kim Richter's rebuttal letter to 'Bounding Bob' says annual 10% Township spending increases are not sustainable. You think? In the same paper, Langley politico critic Glen Tomblin finds 24 cents per square foot on a 40-year lease at the airport hard to digest.

Meanwhile another Langley school is about to bite the dust again. Expect more of this. LFP suspects another bunch of happy parents who will probably work for just about anybody but the present school trustees in the next election. Meanwhile Cllr. Charlie Fox can devote more
quality time to Township Council. Hey Charlie thanks for your comment on our site. If you want an editorial, we would be pleased to give you a posting anytime.

Our beloved Translink continues to get warm and fuzzies from Langley citizens , Councillor Richter and the local press!
Mary Polak, one of our Langley MLA's, vainly tries to get anybody's attention on her ill fated PR exercise: 'Conversation on Health'. The crickets at night are getting more attention than the "C-on-H" and it ain't even summer yet! Can't really blame her though. She has to go along with Liberal party caucus on this useless, redundant and expensive exercise. And Mary's boss has bigger problems like board chairs and deputy ministers. Maybe the money spent on "C-on-H" would have been better spent on keeping hospital beds open! That's LFP's "C-on-H" contribution, Mary. Stop talking about health care and start doing something about it!

In the Duchy of Grand Fenwick (Langley City), they continue to maintain their singular
focus on the two always major and really only issues that count in City Hall. Yes, you are right if you guessed communities in bloom as their No 1 priority. The close 2nd is their phobia about graffiti. Most other communities have police units and task forces for urgent things like muggings, murder, burglaries, etc. But no, not Langley City. Here, it is graffiti! Meanwhile, Township taxpayers continue to subsidize the city's graffiti gestapo!

And press boys, enough about the damn HIPPO already. Newsmaker of the year, come on! It should have been overtaxed seniors putting distress-for-sale signs on their homes!
The good ole boys continue trying to justify Cllr. Richter's censorship saying "if it's a good idea, I'll support it"! Gee wonder what a good idea is then? Got it! Council pay and benefits increases!

Behind the scenes local political powerhouse and Langley Lawyer Rebecca Darnell gets another influential appointment. Watch her. The local rumour is that she is considering replacing previous candidates Richter and Brooks as the next upcoming Langley Liberal candidate against Wawa. Rebecca, tell us you will!

In closing, the most terrifying & chilling news report of all. "Arena features still not set in
stone" in the recent Langley Advance story! Cllr.'s Fox, Long & rookie Bateman all want changes and enhancements to the $45 million new arena. Who knows, maybe council might even be convinced into spending millions more than budgeted to try to incorporate a crystal palace like church into the new arena as well, just as they now do in the new city hall building council chambers! This Editor smells another Grandstand financial fiasco in the making. Any smart developer/contractor will pounce on these "cost plus" suggestions. If you're not scared about these Cllr's suggestions, you should be. Be very scared. Next year, it will probably be a 10% tax increase (just for the cost over-runs especially as the jeniuses on council are the only oversight committee)! Remember they did not second, even for discussion Richter's motion for a new citizen's construction budget oversight committee for the arena. One Cllr. even proudly said that was their job to do. So was the grandstand cement blob! Be very, very scared....

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