Sunday, February 11, 2007

24 Cent Airport Lease Subsidy Confirmed?

As per Cllr. Richter's Report previous in LFP, this ad (as shown) was posted on the Township page of Sunday's local newspaper. Does this ad mean that the Township now admits (per the Community Charter section 24) the 24 cent lease is indeed subsidized?

Why does this ad seem so unclear/murky to the viewing public? Why does it not mention clearly that the lease is "for less than market value"? Why else would they have run this ad?

The charter's intent is to ensure municipalities are transparent in their activities especially around the disposition of municipal lands for less than market value. This ad does not do so. Also isn't this Section 24 ad being done after the cows left the barn? Why? The council already voted on it to go ahead! Note the ad states that the 40 year long lease with CPI increases starts off at $34,650.71 a year or $2888.00 a month for 2.75 acres effective February 15, 2007. I wonder if the fine print in the Council report said this as well. Heck of a deal because a lot of average Langley taxpayers pay more than that for their mortgages and even most 2500 sq. ft. houses are rented out for more than that! This is for 2.75 acres over 40 years at CPI annual increases!

Section 24 (1) of the Community Charter says a Council must give notice in accordance with Section 94 of its intention to provide any of the following forms of assistance to a person or an organization: a) disposing of land or improvements for less than market value

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