Saturday, February 03, 2007

Unacceptable Transit Options for Langley Residents

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From: AC Leake
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Sent: Thu Feb 01 16:34:31 2007
Subject: Unacceptable Transit Options for Langley Residents

I live in Township of Langley and use transit to commute between the Surrey Central skytrain bus stop (Bay 11) and Fraser Hwy at 248th. The 502 to Aldergrove is the only bus that services this route and it is operated once per hour during the day. I am issuing a complaint of this service and to highlight the inadequate service on this route to avoid the 3.5 hour commute I went through last Friday.

On Friday, January 26th 2007 the 502 to Aldergrove did no pick up at Surrey Central between 4pm and 6pm resulting in a 3-hour delay for commuters on Friday evening. I arrived at Bay 11 for the 4:57pm pick up to head east, and when the Aldergrove bus did not arrive, I took the 502 to Langley Centre, where I called the service line to see what the issue was (~6pm). They indicated that the 4:57 and 5:57 buses had mechanical problems, but that a replacement was en route - it was going to arrive before 7pm. No replacement came by 7:30 and I called again, and they indicated that no replacement was sent (that the original call was an error), and that the 7:00 bus had left Surrey Central and would be in Langley at 7:42. Some people had been waiting at that bus stop for over 3 hours! It was below freezing outside, and there is no shelter except stores near the Langley Centre bus stop. Several people were very upset and a couple of elderly people were forced to pay for a cabride
(expected to be > $20 each) to avoid affecting their health.

I am calling on your office and my provincial, federal and municipal offices to improve our transit options to the Fraser Valley. It is ridiculous that on this route there is only 1 bus per hour. It is ridiculous that when there is a mechanical issue on the bus, there is no replacement. It is unacceptable that there have been no improvements to this route in the last 5 years, and yet the population base of the Fraser Valley has grown steadily throughout this period. I wish to see the 502 operated on the 1/2 hour. I wish to see CMBC put a priority on replacing buses that cannot run their routes, so that riders can be assured their bus WILL arrive, albeit late at times. I'm sure others in Langley would like to see a BUS ON HWY 1 OVER THE PORT MANN BRIDGE (can you believe there are NONE right now?).

In recognizing this country's interest in reducing the impact on our environment, we should be attracting riders to this route that are currently driving on Highway 1. However it is not meeting the needs of daily commuters through it's in-frequent service and lack of alternative bus support. Addressing these concerns should be of immediate importance to your groups.

Please respond with your plans to address these concerns.

Alf Leake
Saddlehorn Crescent
Township of Langley

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