Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rich Coleman Wants Mobile Home Protection

Kudos once again to Rich. All you Langley Township rural land owners, especially seniors, take heart. As you are being driven out of your homes by Township Council's historic tax increases there may be more opportunities to get in on a lower cost mobile home. Today's Vancouver Sun reports that Minister Coleman hopes to announce strategies to halt the disappearance of mobile homes parks in BC.

This is as a result of two more parks giving their tenants one years notice to vacate. Hopefully he will include as well some initiatives for more growth of mobile home parks as an alternative to home rich, cash poor seniors. This would be a breath of fresh air considering municipalities like Langley have seen the same problems recently. This Editor wonders why our Council hasn't taken any initiatives what so ever to protect these park residents and try to look creatively to more importantly encourage more low cost park alternatives.

Hey, I got it! Why not shut down the airport and make it a senior's mobile home park. We can double the current rental rates of $0.24 to maybe $0.50 or so to get more much needed revenues in to the township and provide a very low cost alternative to the seniors hit hardest by tax increases! A win win situation unless your a local private plane owner. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, airport groupies!

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