Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Township Council Performance Review - Dec 19, 2005 Evening Meeting

This was the first ‘real’ meeting of the newly-elected Council and surprise, surprise! Everything I expected of the new Council was really turned upside down.

I originally expected Jordan to be breathing fire and getting right into it. But, lo & behold, Jordan and Grant (who are physically located at opposite ends of the long council table) both looked, talked (oxymoron) and acted like matching book ends. I think Grant even out-talked Jordan. There’s a Guinness World Book record!

The other surprise for me was Charlie. Unlike Jordan, he was ready, willing and unafraid to fight for his issues. In fact, when the Mayor tried to summarize, minimize and get on with it, Charlie did not back down but kept forcing his (very valid) point. This is unlike other Council members who, when Kurt does his “I-am-the-knowledgeable-boss” routine, usually back right off (except for Muriel in the past and Kim). I hope Charlie’s outspokenness bodes well for Council.

Right now, Langley Free Press predicts that the two wild cards for Kurt’s new council slate may well be both Charlie & Kim (which is surprising since we thought Charlie was on Kurt’s not-so-silent slate and Jordan was a free agent). Heck, we even predict that Charlie and Kim may (and I stress the ‘may’) see eye to eye on the majority of issues. They both seem to be responsive to the community and concerned about money. However, I think Charlie will be the ‘Star’ of this new Council.

For the rest of the meeting, every one else was pretty well low key. To be fair, this was their first real meeting and political personalities can/do change. Rookie Charlie seems to have learned (and earned our grudging respect) faster than Rookie Jordan. However I don’t want to rush to final judgment quite yet.

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