Friday, December 23, 2005

Have a Great Christmas Holiday season !

Drive carefully, drink responsibly and remember, "this holiday is not about me its about us, all of us".

From Langley Free Press we thank you for a spectacular launch with 300+ visits to our blog in the first two days. We especially would like to thank Jordan Bateman of Langley Politics Dotcom in helping with our launch and for his kind words. We agree that more vital & pertinent alternatives to the traditional sources of reporting are critical for a politically savvy community like the Langleys.

Keep watching we hope to add some interesting blogs if we can over the next week or so even though we are also vacationing. In the mean time if you have some interesting news or gossip that you wish to share email us and we guarantee anonymity if you so wish.

We definitely cannot go to vacation without congratulations to prolific comments contributor Horny Toad who is the first winner of the much coveted Langley Free Press "Smiling Gumby Award".

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