Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Big Debt Loads for Federal Parties except Conservatives

According to Sheila Copps, who was Deputy Premier under former Liberal PM Jean Chretien, 3 of the 4 federal parties are incurring large debt loads to supplement their war chests in this election. The Conservatives have no debt load at all. The NDP has $3 million in loans, the Bloc has $10 million and Paul Martin's Liberals have a whopping $35 million in bank loans. Do we hear the the word desperation or is it just that no one is giving any more money to the Liberals. This debt load is staggering when you keep in mind that the parties because of new federal legislation got $1.75 from the taxpayers for every vote they secured nation wide in the last election for their battle coffers to spend this time around. So the Langley voters just by casting their votes last election for Mark Warawa gave the Conservatives about $42,000 and those who voted for Kim Richter gave the Liberals about $21,000! Don't you just feel much better now that you know that you gave at the office. Boy, does this ever explain why Mark Warawa has a huge campaign office compared to Bill Brooks. The question is at $1.75 a vote will Mark & Bill's revenue for the next election stay that high. Remember if you don't vote you save Canada $1.75.

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