Saturday, December 17, 2005

Langley Free Press has Landed - Merry Xmas

A christmas present for you, Langley Free Press, has arrived to help ferret out the real scoop, news and free wheeling blog discussions that the other local media cannot or do not want to give you. We are delighted that Township Councillor Kim Richter has agreed to become our first regular contributing Guest Columnist to blog her candid insights with us. If you also wish to become a regular Guest Columnist or wish to suggest someone else, just blog us your suggestion or email "The Editor" at langleyfreepress@ . Do not forget to bookmark . We love point/counterpoint! We hope to be fully underway by the first week of January. Bear with us and email your friends about us! But in any event in the meantime feel free to blog away your news, thoughts, opinions and suggestions in your new Langley Free Press blog.

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