Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kim Richter's "Richter Report" Bio & All Her LFP Columns

Kim Richter Bio

Kim Richter is a 4 term Langley Township Councillor and a Professor of Business Management at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Kim also kindly hosts Langley Free Press on her website/server and hence is the LFP Publisher. To view her complete background bio, etc., mouseclick the following to see Kim's webpage ,her biography , her resume and her philosophy . You can also phone or mail her here.

(The following posts listed in order from newest to oldest comment on anything about or posted by Kim Richter . This is only a partial listing up November 23, 2007. Postings newer than that date still have to be posted below. But Mouse click above link to view ALL of her postings chronologically.)
This is a category page. The following posts (listed in order from newest to oldest) comment on anything about or posted by Kim Richter.

"Richter Report" - Following postings written by Councillor Kim Richter.

"Misc Richter Related"

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