Monday, November 07, 2011

Kim Richter Hopes Taxpayers Vote Zero-Tolerance on Nov 19th for any Politician Lying while in Public Office

Watch all 3 Videos of Councillors Richter, Fox & Ferguson below here in this LFP posting. These three Councillors had the most significant Council responses to Cllr. Grant Ward's Motion calling for a formal Committee of Inquiry into the complete Mayor Green Brownshack Affair. Mayor Green's response was his standard deflection and attempts to ignore the facts.

At tonight's last council meeting of this Langley Township Council before the election on Nov 19th, Councillor Kim Richter voted against any more money being spent by taxpayers for an inquiry as proposed by Councillor Grant Ward to inquire into the Mayor Green Brownshack fiasco. Council voted 6-2 to defer the decision to the new council to decide on an inquiry. Only Richter & Green voted against the motion. Obviously not for the very same motives! Richter essentially said that the Township taxpayers should be the court of final opinion on Election day November 19th . See her video above and a complete transcript of her speech also below where she specifically said:

"The Lidstone Report concluded the Mayor misled several times. 
The Mayor misrepresented and his actions were dishonest.
The Mayor was caught.
He was punished.
It’s over."
Richter continued:

"Had the Mayor been honest from the outset, not one dime and not one minute of legal time would have been spent on this matter.  ...This matter needs to be left with the electorate for final resolution."

Richter concluded her brief remarks by saying the following:

"On November 19th, I hope that Township taxpayers will vote Zero-Tolerance for any politician lying while in a publicly held and publicly paid office."

Kim Richter Verbatim Transcript On Not Voting for Motion For Inquiry On Mayor Rick Green

Some of the most passionate and sincere commentary this Editor has ever heard from Councillor's Charlie Fox and especially Steve Ferguson. They were speaking to Councillor Grant Ward's Motion calling for a formal Committee of Inquiry on the pertinent details surrounding the entire Lidstone Report and the particulars relating to all matters arising from the Mayor Green Brownshack affair and cover up. This motion was at the end of debate and was essentially referred to the next new council for their decision on holding an Inquiry.

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  1. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I wonder many can look at ourselves and can honestly say..."they have never misled". Yes, Green mislead, yes, he was caught.
    Let's move on to looking after our township...and STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!
    Thank you Kim, for voting against the motion.