Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get your Own "I Don't Want Slates in Langley" Poster/Sign

Share your opposition to Municipal slates, especially Langley Township's Rick Green Slate!  Print, Share or Email this posting to your own lists of Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc. friends.

At the bottom left side of this LFP Posting are convenient and simple buttons to automatically Email, Blog, Facebook and Twitter to your friends to more easily share this LFP Posting.  Anyone & everyone can then get their own copy of this Langley Anti-Slate Poster to proudly display where you stand on slates.

Get your own poster by clicking on this following link: "I Don't Want Slates In Langley!"  Then simply print it out (use keyboard Ctrl & P to print it out after clicking the link). Print it in either colour or B&W. This same poster link is also available on this LFP sidebar on the upper left sidebar by clicking the STOP SIGN and then keyboard Ctrl & P to print it out. This poster/flyer prints out on a full 8.5 x 11 inch standard sheet of paper. If you want, maybe even consider a local printer to get hundreds of flyers or posters!

Keep in mind that the deadline is election day this Saturday & the last candidates meet & greet debate is tomorrow night at Langley Events Center! Bring lots of flyers!

You can then tape these posters to the inside of your windows, car windows, any wall, or just share or hand them out at least to your immediate neighbours, friends, etc. If you wish, Email this link or deliver this link to any T-Shirt provider like Dogs Ear in Willowbrook mall and get a T-shirt, mug, etc., printed!  Enjoy and help Langley stay truly independent by going Viral with "I Don't Want Slates In Langley!"  by LFP Editor

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  1. Below is a repost from Kim Richter's Facebook where she responds to a reader asking her to define what a slate is. Read & enjoy, LFP EDITOR:

    By Kim Richter
    Hi Angela: Slates are groups of like-minded people who run together under one banner and who have a specific agenda they want to achieve. Vision Vancouver and COPE are two examples of slates in Vancouver.

    In Langley, incumbent Mayor Rick Green has a slate of 8 people called Vote Langley Now or VLN. On the actual election ballot, the "Vote Langley Now" label will appear under each of these 8 people's name.

    In my opinion, all slates do is give a Mayor a blank cheque once elected as they will vote en mass to support the Mayor's priorities - a form of 'group-think' if you will. They will owe him their allegiance. I personally do not believe that Rick Green should ever be given a blank cheque! Hope this helps. Thanks for your question, Kim (P.S. There's no such thing as a dumb question!)