Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wally Martin Starts On Line Petition To Get Trains Out Of Downtown Langley

Call Your Friends & Neighbours NOW, To Google Langley Free Press, To Sign the Petition!
Wally Martin launched an on line petition called GET THE TRAINS OUT OF DOWNTOWN LANGLEY, late on Friday, February 13.

Wally's action was prompted by his ongoing passion to have what is the very best for the Langley community.

He and his wife operate the oldest hotel in BC, the 5 Star Princess and the Pea B&B, located at the Murrayville historic 5 Corners.

Together for the past 20 years they have worked tirelessly to promote tourism for themselves and for Langley.

As train tracks and roads destroy farmland they fear that Langley will slowly disintegrate into a large scale industrial wasteland and that is something that concerns them deeply.

Recent announcements of increases in train traffic through the middle of Langley as well as the public outcry about the increase of train traffic prompted him to create a petition to all levels of government to reroute the trains away from the heart of Langley and back to the original mainline railway corridor that follows both sides of the Fraser River.

He believes that this is a very viable alternative to what is presently being proposed.

Wally states, "In the 1800’s we could build a railway over 3000 miles from Ottawa to Vancouver using simple manpower, horses and hand tools. Surely with today's equipment the rerouting of 20 or 30 miles of track is a piece of cake."

Wally invites anyone to sign the petition at

Editors' comment: LFP has an ad link on our sidebar to your right to get to Wally's online petition.

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