Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Langley Advance Editor Slaps Mayor Rick Green's Knuckles!

Langley Advance Editor Slaps Mayor Rick Green's knuckles! As well as the two councillors, Grant Ward and Steve Ferguson, all for squabbling in public. Advance Editor Bob Groeneveld is quoted in the Langley Advance saying:

"Now we've got a mayor and a couple of councillors playing Petulant Patty over the public purse. While the two councillors involved in this latest bout of bickering need to stand in the corner and think about how they might have handled the situation differently, the chief responsibility for this one falls squarely on the shoulders of Mayor Rick Green."

View the full Editorial titled "Quit Squabbling" by Langley Advance Editor Bob Groeneveld. He further essentially admonishes them for squabbling when fiscal concerns world wide and in Langley certainly call for better behavior and focus on the taxpayers business.

Meanwhile former school trustee and Township Councilor candidate Sonia Paterson, in the same Advance newspaper essentially encourages Councillor Ward & Ferguson to get counseling on how to conduct themselves in public meetings!

Funny I don't remember the previous Mayor having such a short honeymoon. A sign perhaps of things to come?

The Mayor & two Councillors won't be very happy with this Advance editorial!!!!!
I guess the media bloom for Mayor Green is now really over. Gee, its not even been the end of the first 100 days in office yet for the new Mayor!

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