Friday, December 19, 2008

NEW - Events Centre P3 Bombshell Local Newspapers Fallout Continues (Part 6 of 6)

The local papers have extensive coverage and new developments that this LFP Editor will probably expand on this weekend. But for the moment here's the latest exploding events and news with their associated links:

Langley MP Mark Warawa categorically denies that any formal application for any $5 million from Langley Township was ever formally submitted for a federal Building Canada Fund and that he "communicated (this) to the Township of Langley on April 23, 2008" (7 months before the municipal election) as reported in yesterday's Aldergrove Star.

Township Councillor Jordan Bateman in a long diatribe strongly disputes MP Warawa's statement on his website posting and He says that the formal notification of no federal funding for the Events Centre was given by Conservative Senator only on December 1, 2008 (2 weeks after the municipal election).

Today's Langley Advance further covers covers the blatant & mysterious broadcast email lie that accused both Mayor Green & Councillor Richter of trying to kill the Langley Events Centre. This anonymous broadcast email circulated throughout the proprietary Langley sports associations mailing of thousands and thousands of participants and parents. The source and individual originators have not yet been made public. Also in today's Langley Advance is another article that expands on the Event Centre P3. It covers the fact that Council did not second the motion to refer the extra $5 million funding for the Events Centre that has increased from it's initial $45 million to $56 million. The Bob Groeneveld Editorial in the same Langley Advance fumes " NO Signature Is A Bad Deal" and continues to say " Is Mayor Rick Green angry? You bet. Maybe not even angry enough." He also chastises MP Warawa for, "has never demonstrated that he has the political strength in Ottawa to draw on that kind of money for Langley - or that he has the political will to stand up and fight that hard for his constituents."

There is no advance comment what-so-ever to the claim in today's paper about the Bateman website statement that perhaps the Langley Advance misinterpreted Bateman's statement about mayor Green's releasing in camera information. In fact, quite the opposite in fact, in today's Langley Advance the same reporter, Mathew Claxton, once again reports the exactly same that he did a few days ago, specifically he again says: "Bateman told the Langley Advance that Green had brought the matter out of in camera meetings without a motion from staff."
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