Thursday, December 11, 2008

Langley Events Centre Enhanced !? But Still On Budget!? And How Does A $5 Million Budget Over Run Magically Disappear!

Double click on each picture of this press release to read it and you can also enlarge the picture then as well if need be to better read it. If you have problems email this Editor and I will guide you through the process. So let's get this straight. The Township private/public consortium have spent or will still spend the $5 million that MP Mark Warawa was hoped to bring to the Events Centre project from the Federal Government.

This $5 million will not apparently come through from Warawa's feds. Then this sudden press release comes out (only after Councillor Richter breaks the news and informs us about the $5 million shortfall) that says Council is adding way more stuff to the project and that it remains on budget! Confused & flabbergasted? You betcha! Add to that more confusion and questions about the numbers shown in the press release that says we the taxpayers are on the hook for $19.9 million but the province pays $15 million, and the private partner pays $15 million! Did I miss something here? From the start of this partnership we the taxpayers were to be equal financial partners. This meant $15 million each! Why is it suddenly $19.9 million (sounds like a $99 marketing special mark down price to me!) and we are still on budget? Fast talking shell game is the only thought that comes to this Editor's mind!

Oh, by the way Councillor Kim Richter who was out of province and missed the last meeting advises us that she is tabling a motion to reconsider the funding of the $5 million that MP Warawa did not come through with. Betcha dollars for donuts this motion won't be seconded, not even for discussion. As said before, "So what really has changed with this council"? But who really cares because according to this Press Release the project is still on BUDGET!!! Did Councillor Jordan Bateman and Councillor Charlie Fox move and second as usual, that we the taxpayers fund the $5 million shortfall or did they go along with it? How many motions exactly were there on this issue? Were they in the open or secret? If in secret, why? My predictions seems accurate again! Thanks guys! The last time this dynamic duo supported a loser was to fully fund the severely over budget $ 3-4-5-6-7-8+ million dollar and still not complete white elephant grandstand project. So now we will have both a concrete and a plywood financial Township Council monument that were way over budget! But remember the press release says it's on budget? Go figure. By my simple calculations the Langley taxpayer's portion of our budget is at least 33% over budget and the private and provincial portions are on budget. Are there any other surprises on these two projects (financial & otherwise) Jordan & Charlie? That you guys will rush to fully fund in the future? Why is it that this talk of a $5 million problem only came out conveniently shortly AFTER the Council's election? Convenient coincidence? I find this a very important question worth looking into deeply, don't you?

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