Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Township's Latest New Financial Fiasco? Shocked Township Taxpayers Now Own A Restaurant /Bar Too!

Today's Vancouver Province shockingly reports yet again another possible multi million Langley Township Council financial boondoggle! We the Township taxpayers, now seem to also own a restaurant, The Bedford House in Fort Langley! Not to mention that this same Mayor Alberts' led Township council also bought a multi million dollar Redwoods golf course that we the taxpayers can't use... for a decade or much more! In the tradition of the Golf course purchase this Editor wonders how long the existing restaurateur's have the use of the now taxpayer owned property? 10-20-25 years?! Add this now to the 56th Avenue street of financial horrors show of multi million dollar taxpayer funded Grandstand overruns, a million dollar leaking soccer field disaster and right across the street the bargain basement give away of our airport property leases. These all spell financial b-o-o-n-d-o-g-g-l-e-s.These all together point directly to why all this Township's Council gaggle of goofs/old boys club have honoured us with a historic tax increase last year, this year and for years to come, as long as they get re-elected!

Where is our local press and more importantly when will they investigate & report this latest fiasco because it sure looks like our Township council has got a hidden agenda that they won't come clean on in the near future. To be fair inklings were published weeks ago about it especially about prominent Fort Langleyians against any such rumoured purchase. The local rags should have followed up better and beat the Spencer story. I can hardly wait to see which Council members supported this deal and then how they each justify it just as they did on the other fiascos! I will go out on a limb and take a guess and take your bets that it was unanimous with one dissenting vote. LOL.

The Kent Spencer Province story also reports that the Langley Township purchase of "The Bedford House is currently assessed at $1.3 million -- $1.2 million less than Langley paid for it." Whatever the value why does this Council keep spending like drunken sailors.? Meanwhile the Province quoted Mayor Albert's latest vague baffle gab comments with this classic Alberts' statement quoted, "I was hoping to make an announcement. I may be able to confirm the purchase later. I'm not aware of those details. I leave it up to staff." Excuse me , wasn't there a community input process just recently on these issues in Fort Langley. Were these just window dressing exercises to provide a flight path for a secret purchase of this property? What's the real hidden agenda here? What else has this Mayor Alberts' council been buying in secret? It's time to bring this out into the open. Enough secret in-camera meetings that end up costing us millions of questionable expenditures! Will this be the final straw to break the voting taxpayer's back. This Editor sure thinks it should!

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