Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Letter To The Editor - May 27, 2007 - From Donna Passmore - Re: Opposition to Langley Township ALR Applications

To: ALR & List of Government Reps & Politicians (Township & BC) & Press which includes LFP

Attached please find a third opposition this month to multiple applications from Langley Township to sever and exclude farmland, bringing to 12 the number of individual oppositions we have had to file this month. Thus far in 2007, FVCC has opposed fifteen applications from Langley Township, affecting 358.63 acres of farmland, and most of that in environmentally sensitive areas.

I personally don’t know why Langley has an Agricultural Advisory Committee, since it is not permitted to function in an advisory capacity. Instead, Township Council routinely send along applications to AAC AFTER Council has approved that they be sent to the ALC.

Only by consistently rejecting these attacks on our future food security can we effectively communicate to local governments that agricultural irresponsibility will not be rewarded.

Attachment(s) - 2:
BC Food Self Reliance report.pdf
L- ALC - May 29 2007 - 6 Langley Applications.doc

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Donna Passmore
Agriculture Campaigner
Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition

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