Monday, May 21, 2007

Tipping Point Revolt - by Declining Middle Class?

$2.00 a litre gas!
or an average $100+ for a regular gas fill up!
The tipping point is close on the horizon and the now almost non-existant middle class who are now essentially a part of the ballooning lower class. They are starting to warm up for action & change as reported in various media. Meanwhile our Langley MP Warawa will certainly go along with the cozy & questionable Alberta Oil Patch Harper Conservative allies.

Meanwhile GVRD transit uses climbed 11% as a result of climbing gas pump prices and still lousy transit in Langley with much needed Light rail Transit still a pipe dream in the Fraser Valley!

As one of the now largest oil producers in the world there should be no reason that there cannot be a 2nd lower tier of gas prices for Canadians whatsoever. In Saudi the locals pay just pennies for their gas which the world market exports subsidize. Canada is the largest world oil exporter to the USA! Politicians beware especially municipally. A tax revolt is brewing and will spill over to all government tax & spend incompetence.

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