Friday, May 04, 2007

Today's Van Province Should Be Called 'The Langley Province'!

Today's Vancouver Province continues to have Langley content on 5 pages with 4 different focuses! And today the Mayor Alberts' township council have not secretly bought golf courses or restaurant/bars with our ballooning taxpayer tax dollars to get news coverage! Amazing.

Page A10 pictures KYLE MARUD the most recent tragic and unresolved Aldergrove murder. It further talks about concerned Aldergrove residents having a rally tomorrow to voice their concerns over violence in their community. The rally will start at 12:30 p.m. at 273rd Street and Fraser Highway and end at 264th Street. The real story and problem in Aldergrove that no one is admitting yet is that there are now three (3) youth gangs apparently thriving in the community. One of them is even calling themselves the 856 gang. Yes these are the first organized gangs in Langley!

Sadly Aldergrove is more and more being viewed as the armpit of Langley even rivaling Langley City's crime and makes former Township problem child, Langley Meadows, look like a model affluent community! The almost always empty $1,000,000 community police substation building parking lot clearly proves this as just another useless Mayor Albert's Township Council boondoggle that was a waste of our money and then even located in a ridiculously remote part of town. The only action this Editor ever sees there is an occasional and rare police officer having a smoke in the quiet back alley besides his cruiser! Council instead should have used this money to provide more facilities & programs for the wayward Aldergrove youth as well as getting better and more frequent public transit for them to get out and about from this Aldergrove transit deprived secluded Alcatraz island environment! Instead of wandering the streets in gangs.

Both the editorial pages are full of the Langley Doctors press conference critical of funding in the crisis situation at Langley Hospital. Once again you can only hear the sound of crickets rather than any comments from our two MLA's in Langley on this issue. I thought that trying to get adequate or even better health care provision was an MLA's responsibility in their own ridings!

In fact the Editorial cartoon shows a Liberal MLA holding a bag of money (indicating their large pay hike) saying "Who do the Langley doctors think they are, MLAs!" I guess this is really like throwing rocks at a glass house. It certainly was not a comment from Langley MLAs who are still mysteriously mum on the topic.

Finally Page A28 talks to yesterday's tragic and serious car accident on 0 avenue. Coun. Kim Richter is quoted saying that "Zero Avenue should be upgraded to a major arterial road." This Editor just can't believe that this road is only designed and built for a ridiculously low speed limit of 50 to 60 km! Another Mayor Alberts' Township council boondoggle. It should be upgraded to be an arterial road. This Editor defies anyone to travel the length of 0 avenue and have the patience to stick to 50 or 60 km an hour. It should definitely be re designated and re designed to become an arterial road commensurate with it's full potential.

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