Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Local Reported News in Review Time - Manure, Greetings & Political Correctness

Obviously political correctness is not a concern to Langley City who hoisted their annual huge lighted nativity scene high atop their City Hall building nor to the Langley Times that has a full front page picturing the nativity scene on their Christmas Eve 2006 edition. This editor wonders if they will both reciprocate equally for the other major religious holidays? I don't ever recall Mohammed or Ramadan on the front cover of the Times (never mind on the top of Langley City Hall)! What a great opportunity for an equal time court challenge to do the same by Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. Don't you think?

When you hear any politician suddenly become a born-again environmentalist, don't you just feel like gagging? Get a load of the manure in this Langley Times posting. Our MP Mark Warawa has the audacity to suggest that "A greener future is possible ....... but it comes down to each and every Canadian taking responsibility for their lifestyles." So does he mean it's our fault? Are the Conservatives simply down loading Kyoto to us? What about the failed 40 or 50 year green plan he, Rona and Stevie tried to float just a month or so before? What happened to that piece of political fluff? And guess what, former democratic VP Al Gore of the environmental scary hit movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", seems to suddenly be our MP's iconic hero. Will wonders never cease! Do Stephen and George W. know? Later in the same paper, one again sees a terrific picture that basically perhaps says it all. Look closely at our MP's seemingly shiny and ever-changing chameleon-like suit jacket!

BC Hydro must be starting to feel the heat especially after local residents were repeatedly without power over several days that prompted Cllr. Richter to ask Hydro reps to come and tell Township Council why we had this lower level of service and what will be done better in future.

The Times posted a letter from Travellers Hotel's very own Wally Martin re the dreaded Langleys' hotel tax. This tax is courtesy of the 77% tax increase boys at Township Council! See his recent letter to LFP also.

Local Times Editor Frank Bucholtz (nicknamed Bucky by those who choose to love him or not!) today suggests Township Council move on to more important issues than trying to get emergency services paid for on the new Maple Ridge bridge by Translink. It seems to this Editor that both he and Township Council would both be better served by the old adage: 'take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves'! But who really cares about saving costs in Langley Township when it is much easier to just hike taxes year after year and by 77% over 10 years!

Then of course there is Bucky's Dec 24th editorial greeting to his list of 'Langley's special folks'! Amazing. Reading between the lines, it's interesting to try to draw your own conclusions as to who and why some were or were not named on Bucky's list. Is the Alberts Council Admiration Society hard at work again trying to influence your vote? Is this perhaps simply catty, petty and a thinly veiled revelation of prejudice and bias? You be the judge.

This Editor personally thinks the Times comments were as subtle as a slap in the face. (Do you think maybe the Times should turn over a new leaf and adopt a New Year's resolution to become objective as the Fifth Estate should be?). Obviously some of the Old Boys Club stalwarts think that if you do what the Mayor's silent slate says then you're OK especially if you do not question 77% tax increases and project cost overruns three times over budget. But most importantly you obviously must become a 'harmonious' drone to become a Club member!

In any event, 'the Old Boys Club' obviously still rules! And congratulations to Cllrs. Bateman and Fox - it's faint praise, but you have now been officially welcomed to this club by their press agent! In fact any politician trying to aggressively hold the line on costs and taxes is obviously not 'special Langley folks' worthy of specific mention because they obviously 'just play politics'! In this Editor's opinion, the Publisher should ask some tough questions or is this new Publisher placidly just standing by?

The Times did post these two irate Taxpayer letters - one of which did acknowledge Cllr Richter's efforts on their behalf! Maybe these greetings from the real "special Langley folks" are much more valuable and trustworthy!

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