Friday, December 08, 2006

Is Big Brother Causing Slow Snow Removal?

You Heard it here first. Sources suggest that the reason snow removal has been slow to non-existant in many areas of Langley Township is because the upper ecelons in township hall are now too closely supervising (micro managing) the staff. It has been suggested that Township staff are now only doing what they are told to do as opposed to what they used to do before (where they would do primary routes and then they would take iniative for efficiency's sake to do nearby surrounding areas at the same time). In fact we understand that the installation of GPS locators in Township vehicles is essentially driving the crews to work to rule. Crews now only do what they are told to do and nothing more because Big Brother is watching them!

This Editor has noticed that after the recent snow storm, service levels have been the poorest ever. Even now, 13 days after the storm, many roads still have not seen a plow. Complaint galore as per this Langley Times article. For my 6.6% tax increase last year and my 77% planned increase for 10 years to come, this is simply unacceptable.

Maybe Township hall should start recording all phone calls too. I'm sure this will also improve staff's efficiencies when serving taxpayers on the phone! Sometimes when technology is used supposedly for safety or other so called subtle or soft reasons, the real result is anxiety, distrust and reduced motivation. Maybe GPS locators should be placed on all senior staff provided vehicles as well to see how long their lunches last and how well they like it!

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