Monday, December 04, 2006

Budget 2007 "Tax & Spin"

Get a load of rookie Councillor Bateman's 'Tax & Spin' comments! He links to 5 previous articles on his website in which he discussed the budget details and issues as he saw them. He was also at the meeting 3 weeks ago that led to this budget going to the public for their input. (Councillor Richter was away).

Note that Bateman only now for the FIRST TIME uses the 6.5% tax increase number that Richter ferreted out after her return! Until Richter got back and got the Finance Department to consolidate their numbers and change their summary sheet no one had this number, used it or publicized it! Ask yourself why?

Face it, now that they all understand the importance of these numbers (due to Richter's insistance on getting them), they will all now panic and repackage their positions. Watch and see. It would seem that Bateman is just the first.

As Richter recently pointed out on this website, the 'Jeniuses' on Council sent out a 77.5% tax increase over 10 years to the public! The numbers Richter (not Bateman) ferreted out also show a 119+% tax increase in long term financial planning since Mayor Alberts was elected to his second term. Why did Bateman not highlight these numbers in his earlier postings? Why does he not give credit where credit is due? Did he perhaps not see them? Why did nobody else not see the implications? Not even the local Press apparently. In fact it will be curious to see now how the papers report on today's budget developments. I'm not holding my breathe but I guarantee you that this Editor will report on their coverage biases.

All these numbers come directly out of the Township Budget. In fairness it now seems that Rookie Councillor Bateman is finally starting to agree with Richter that they can no longer sustain these tax increases and that the line has to be held somewhere. Finally! Maybe there is some hope after all for the Rookie Councillor. Councillor Richter has in fact also confirmed with us that none of the absolutely ridiculous comments that she recorded and quoted from certain Councillors in her posting came from Bateman. So sleuth & match the quotes with the remaining 6 Councillors!

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