Thursday, December 21, 2006

Letter To The Editor - Dec 21, 2006 - From Wally Martin, Innkeeper

Langley Hotel Tax is coming back in January 2007.

Where have all the American tourists gone?

The number of U.S. visitors to Canada in October was the lowest since 1972
See - Vancouver Sun December 21, 2006 – page C3

Editor :The reason the American tourists are staying away is “Killer Taxes”

Americans have heard about high Canadian taxes and the few that come experience it first hand. 1st at the gas pumps and then at the restaurants (GST on food) and then at the hotels. 10% plus GST = 16% on a room. You would stay away too.

Tourism BC has the perfect answer. Add even more taxes.

See page 21 of the Tourism BC annual report.

Tourism BC is also encouraging all municipalities to add the Municipal additional 2% hotel tax . This is called “Community Foundations (see page 15 of the same report)

We say lower hotel tax to 5% immediately and let all the goofy “Tourism Organizations” find their own dollars by selling quality service. Only with lower taxes will we see the return of the American Tourist.

Wally Martin, Innkeeper

Traveller’s Hotel (BC’s oldest hotel)

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