Thursday, November 06, 2008

UPDATED Nov 11 - Rod Ross Ad - "We're All In This Together" - What Slates?

UPDATE Nov 11 - Note that in today's Langley Advance Mr. Ross now added his City Trustee endorsements of MacNeil & Fedora. Any thoughts on this ad in yesterday's Langley Times folks. Just to help you out check out this previous LFP Posting related to this. And then check out another ad previously written about in LFP.

What I don't understand is why all the silent slates in Langley Township? Why don't they just all come clean finally? Imagine what they could save the environment with just one sign and 5 names on it. But let's go further and include their sister slate just like the times of old when the LLT ran a joint slate for school board and council, imagine if Kurt Alberts' silent slate along with these 5 ran single ads, literature and signs? As I said before "If it looks like a slate & quacks like a slate, it is a slate." Who's kidding who?...

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