Monday, November 10, 2008

"Your # 1" Langley's Election Central - Voter's Information, Reference & Resource Guide

LFP Editorial Board's Endorsements & Recommendations of the Langleys' Municipal Election Candidates
To Print out LFP Endorsements - Mouse click pictures below and Print or choose & print Township here or City here.
LFP Editorial Board's Endorsements & Recomendations of the
Langleys' Municipal Election Candidates
Backgrounder & Rationale

Election Candidate Debate Videos
Basic Voting Day Tools

Langley Township Where & When can I vote? - Who can vote?
(Don't forget to print it out after opening this brochure )
Langley City Where & When can I vote?

Are There Slates on Township Council & School Board? Who are they?
  1. Mayor Alberts Had And Does Have A Slate!

  2. Rod Ross Ad 'We're All In This Together' - A School Board Trustee Slate?

  3. NEW - Re: MLA's Slate Endorsement of School Board Trustees, Has This Happened before? You Bet ! Read This previous LFP Posting.
Questionaires With Candidates Responses From Various Media & Special Interest Groups
Previous LFP Postings that Highlight Mayor Alberts' Township Council Slate Tax, Spend & Borrow Excesses
(Stay Tuned - More shocking links may be posted before Election Day)

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