Thursday, November 20, 2008

New mayor pledges tax freeze (The Province, 20 Nov 2008, Page A14)

Is Grant Ward right? Should Councillor Ward ignore the will of the voters? Will the voters punish Ward in 3 years in the next election? Ward says the following:

'..Coun. Grant Ward said Green is in for a bumpy ride from the pro-Alberts majority on council.

Alberts was one of the finest mayors we’ve ever had. The electorate left council intact to hold Green in check. I don’t feel comfortable with the stuff he’s espousing, like zero tax increases. Zero budgets don’t work,” Ward said.

“It will be business as usual. Just because someone is new doesn’t mean things should change,” he said'

New mayor pledges tax freeze
The Province
20 Nov 2008

Langley Township mayor-elect Rick Green says he will end secret land sales and use the money created to give residents a tax freeze. “There is no public inventory of township land,” Green said yesterday. “There has been no transparency and more...

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