Monday, July 21, 2008

OPEN COMMENTS - Dump your opinions here! - Be Bold & Daring unlike the Establishment Rags! - Any Topic - Use YOUR SOAP BOX

Let's experiment with an open line free-for-all! All you LFP Editor & Richter haters go for it too! Who knows maybe even a well known newspaper man who clearly is not fond of both above may even write! I will regularly just below post exceptional and witty excerpts as well from YOUR comments.

LFP ED - July 17 - 10:36 pm : "There is a lot here that stinks so far that even any half witted amateur can't miss and question and this time it can't simply be blamed on a rookie reporter can it?"
Critic - July 16 - 8:21 pm : "..wonder if the Langley Times Editor will be critical of you because you once again reported what you saw in the big boy's regional media chain (re: MLA Coleman Auditor report)?"
Les Leyne of the Time Colonist - July 16 - 8:02 pm : "The report (Auditor's)he released yesterday will cement Coleman's place as the most hapless forests minister in modern history."
Walnut Grovian - July 16 - 6:36 pm : " Why would MLA Rich Coleman ever endorse Mayor Alberts with a record of compounding escalating tax increases over the 9 past years?"
Anon - July 16 - 5:55 pm : " ...BC Auditor essentially trashed the Vancouver Island Forestry land sale under previous Minister Rich Coleman..."
Methinks - July 16 - 4:26 pm : " It is by now very obvious that both of the Langley blogs are stirring up a lot of controversy where little existed before."
Informed - July 16 - 1:58 pm : "There is little to no investigative journalism going on here, they are two safe newspapers."
Eagerbeaver - July 16 - 12:30pm : " your perspective on 'the boy that would be king'. Could come back to bite him in the foot."
Anon - July 16 - 12:29 pm : "Is he (Cllr Bateman) BITING THE HAND THAT FED HIM FOR MANY YEARS, THE LANGLEY ADVANCE?"


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