Friday, July 18, 2008

Fantasctic Four and a Half Advertising Budget Has NO Effect On Local Media Opinions

Today's Langley Times Editorial titled "Few answers in report" once again not surprisingly at all seems to be tending to support former and in my opinion failed forestry minister Rich Coleman one of the LANGLEY FANTASCTIC FOUR and A HALF, the chummy political tag team of Alberts, Coleman, Polak & Warawa and their boy robin Council member Jordan Bateman.

Then I read the Victoria news paper and their Editorial titled "Editorial: Government betrayed the public interest". Most critics all undisputedely agree to the fact that the BC Auditor says that the issue here is that the residential development decision was ultimately approved by former forestry Minister Rich Coleman with apparently very little information of only short briefing notes and without ANY public consultation. Both of which the Times Editor neglects to mention at all!

But then it hit me. How silly of me! In Langley Township development decisions made with little or adequate solid information or thought and pathetic public input is normal isn't it? Hence I can not accuse the Times Editor of once again blindly supporting one of his Fantasctic 4 and a half as he always seems to lean to in my opinion, can I? He is simply endorsing the standard modus operandi that is used by the Langley Township Mayor Alberts "Good Ole boy's Club" slate isn't he?

P.S. Note #1: This LFP Editor especially likes this Times Editorial line excerpt; "’s hard to see how an auditor-general, whose expertise is mainly in accounting and financial matters, can properly rule on whether a cabinet minister has allowed enough consultation on a particular issue." The Times Editor is obviously correct that the BC Auditor should stick to his area of expertise and be limited to auditing pure $ only, despite his clear mandate to be our, the taxpayers, watchdog over Government mismanagement! Betcha that the much quoted windfall property developement of $140,000,000.00 that former forestry Minister Rich Coleman approved have no financial accounting errors at all! Damm the torpedos, damm public justification and damm public input! BTW maybe the Times Editor should also stick to his knitting and area of expertise too. Maybe he really knits great sweaters!

P.S. Note #2: So I can now safely say that the combined advertising dollar of the Fab 4 and a half have no input in the local media opinions can't I?

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