Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Councillor Charlie ('Flip-Flop') "Fox Freeway" FLOPS! 8 to 1 Vote NO To FOX

The front page Langley Times photo/story shows Councillor Charlie Fox standing on 16Th ave. with his hand holding on to a 60 kmh speed limit sign. Looks to me like he can hardly wait to change it up upwards and away starting with 70 km an hour as he suggests!

And of course, the Times Editor really likes Councillor Charlie Fox's idea of adding lots of expensive 4 way stop lights along 16Th Avenue, at every intersection and even raising the speed limit and synchronizing the lights so that we can all relive the Indianapolis 500 experience as we barrel unopposed through south Langley without ever stopping. I wonder what effect his motion will have on 16th Ave property values when he tables his motion next week (wow, am I glad I never bought a home on 16Th or anywhere near it! ) ?

Someone suggested a silly joke and told me today that if it was Cllr. Richter's idea the Times Editor would perhaps be trashing the idea instead! LOL. In any event, I digress. I didn't know that Charlie and the Times' Editor had degrees or extensive qualifications in traffic engineering, did you?

So are these two now the vanguard advocates that are basically in my mind's eye creating the start of a freeway through south Langley on 16th Avenue essentially cutting South Langley into two? Hm.. I wonder which side will become the bad side of the tracks so to speak? I'm betting the north side of 16th (mental note, don't buy property there either!) . Who knows, 70 kph today maybe a 4 lane at 100 kph tomorrow with cloverleaf interchanges too? Why not just put cute little streetcars down 16th too and get rookie councillor Jordan Bateman in on this extravagent spending spree just before an election to help get him some South Langley resident's votes too?

I wonder if the 16Th Ave residents and all the south Langley residents will embrace this? I think if this goes ahead, 16Th Ave. should be renamed the "Fox Freeway" in honour of this sudden out of left field pre-election strategic idea (which is the exact opposite of his previous preelection motion to put roundabouts in! Let's hear it for "Flip-Flop Fox"!) The Freeway name is catchy isn't it and very apopos too. Cllr Fox should love this tribute.

One thing for sure, the less densely populated ZERO Avenue residents who lobbied for and now have beautiful rocket launching capable speed bumps will now be relieved to hear about the "Fox Freeway" (another mental note - Reminder safe and now wise to buy property on 0 Ave.) . Any more talk about a professional well planned and thought out east - west permanent South Fraser connector road along the border "0" Avenue will now be history, won't it? What a relief for them.

Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Surrey residents will be thrilled with the "Fox Freeway" because they won't even have to stop at all while breezing through Langley if they go fast enough and the lights are synchronized enough of course as Charlie wants. Let's see if they can syncronize through all lights without stopping at 70 kph. Imagine how fast they can get through Langley at double the speed or more! The 16Th ave residents may want to even consider 10 foot high concrete noise barriers along thunder alley then. The truckers will love the idea (and you thought you saw lots of trucks on 16th now?) . Translink and the Province will love it too because we will be funding at least 50% or more of the "Fox Freeway" after all won't we? BTW that means us the taxpayers.

I especially liked it when the Times apparently asked Councillor Fox how much his "Fox Freeway" would cost the taxpayers, he replied that he "isn't sure how much it would cost." ! Hm.. too bad he's a armchair traffic planner as opposed to an armchair financial planner. So what else is new though? This council has never given much thought to spending or our tax burden dollars because they simply always come back to the tax trough as their easy solution to their every whim, wish and monument to their egos. Nuff said I tire of these council financial business planner jeniuses! Now we have to live with traffic jeniuses too! So this November remember a vote for 'Flip Flop' Charlie is a vote for "Fox Freeway" on 16th Avenue!

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