Thursday, December 27, 2007

Susan Semonick On Schools - Education TIDBITS

Ministry of Education CLASS SIZE REPORT
More than 95% of classes in BC school districts had 30 or fewer students. According to the report, classes with more than 30 students have decreased by close to 66% throughout the province since 2005-06.

Other highlights of the report are:
· The number of classes in the province increased by 28 over last year, even though enrolment has declined by an estimated 7,000 students this year.
· There have been 278 new teaching assistants hired this year, up almost 3.5 per cent from 8,062 last year.
· There are 6,049 classes with 15 or fewer students, up from 5,963 last year, and over 600 more than in 2005-06

Lets hope the large classes that currently exist at LSS and the other secondary schools can be reduced for next year. We should all hope that the classes at least at LSS will range between 22 - 29 instead of 33-45.

Langley Teachers’ Association will be releasing “The Report on the Inquiry into Special Education” Mark your calendars.
Official release date for the report of the Inquiry into Special Education in Langley is:
Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 4:00 p.m.
Ft. LangleyCommunity Hall

For Parents living with Special Needs Children
Please join BC Association for Community Living for a dynamic and informative retreat weekend. The Ripple Effect II: Exploring the power of advocacy and community development, Tamagawa Centre, Nanaimo, February 15-17, 2008. This is the second of a series of weekend retreats for family members who have a child or family member with a developmental disability.

All expenses will be covered including accommodation, food, transportation and respite.

Application deadline: January 11, 2008

For more information please contact Mitch Loreth at or Laney Bryenton at or by tel: 604-777-9100.

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