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Letter To The Editor - Dec 17, 2008 - From Myrna Pfeifer - RE: Council Xmas Finger Gift To Fort Langley

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From: Myrna
To: Kim Richter & Langley Free Press
Subject: Bedford Building Development Permit
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:40:21 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Thanks for speaking out as you did. It is curious to me how 250 letters received by Mayor and Council, in the busiest week of the year, can be ignored.

It does not give me a lot of hope where the wishes of the people are concerned. 'Bottom Lines' continue to wag the dog!!

Myrna Pfeifer
Concerned Citizen

Subject: Bedford Building Development Permit

The Township Mayor & Council has lost its ears!!

Despite receiving 250 letters from the residents of Fort Langley, Mayor Alberts and his council majority railroaded through Parklane's building approval permit tonight at the regular council meeting.

A large contingency from The Fort sat and endured lectures by Mayor Alberts, Councilors Ward and Vickberg. " history has proven how developments I once lived in were once considered ill-suited to Fort Langley". Mayor Alberts said this to reassure us that whatever he approves must be okay.

Councilor Richter stated that 250 letters were received by Mayor and Council this week, raising serious concerns about the lack of public input into this stage of the development.

No comments were allowed by the gallery at this meeting so when I could no longer sit quietly, I interrupted Mr. Vickberg stating that .."council was not listening to the people it represents."

Sorry, Mayor and Township Council, but when you turn a deaf ear or eye to 250 residents, it is my humble opinion you are not doing your duty and speaking out was my only option.

Merry Christmas.
M.L. Pfeifer

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