Tuesday, December 18, 2007

250+ Fort Langley Residents Given Township Council Xmas Finger Gift!

Well, no surprise, the Langley Township council except for Cllr's Richter, Long & Kositsky voted to go ahead with the waterfront 4 story Seniors (the good ole boys define seniors as age 45 & up!) condo complex! See previous posting.

Since last week the Fort Langley residents rallied in meetings and actually sent well over 250 letters asking the 'good ole boys' to reconsider approving this condo/apartment complex. This is outstanding participation, considering that it is the busiest time of year and I believe that the whole community only has 500 mail boxes! What the 'good ole boys' seem to forget is that these 250+ signatures could well represent upwards of a 400 to 500 vote count in the upcoming November 2008 election. This can make or break many of these councillors and even Mayor Alberts who it is expected and rumoured will be running against Councillor Kim Richter this time out! By the way Richter's opposition to the plan elicited the only rousing audience applause.

Heck quite a few residents even braved going to the council meeting last night only to be lectured to ad nauseum from the likes of Steve Ferguson, Charlie Fox, Grant Ward, Howie Vickberg and especially Mayor Kurt Alberts. I am told Alberts had a prepared multi page presentation. Under the guise of debate amongst themselves on council, these Cllrs. essentially droned on and on, pontificating clearly only for the TV audience and the chambers audience. Finally an audience member who had enough of this redundant and pathetic self serving lecturing spoke out that they should stop their lectures. Both Mayor Alberts and Cllr. Vickberg severely and vocally chastised the female audience member. Par for the course says this Editor!

On today's CBC radio news at 6:15am Mayor Alberts again droned on about how well and good this decision was. What he failed to state was that there was no adequate warning or even attempt to inform the residents of Fort Langley about the major changes to this complex. He completely ignored the wishes of the in excess of 250+ people. He never even mentioned them at all. He did however say that they got the approval of 24 residents in the Bedford Landing area. So he listened and quoted the 24 people who have lived there for only maybe 6 months or more and ignored the in excess of 250 residents that have lived there for countless many years!

So that is how the "good ole boys" on Township council listen and work for you, the community!
(Visit here again as this Editor will be adding more news and pertinent info to this posting within the next few days.)

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