Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Local Media and Vanity Blog Site Spin Control Power Lesson #1

The power of the written word and especially blogs these days is not to be underestimated as demonstrated below. Councillor Bateman this week alone twice posted two clear examples of spin control.

Example 1 Spin Control Quote from his blog site;
"The paper also has a story on the Firehall gravel pit debate. I know my Council colleague Steve Ferguson is working hard with various neighbours (he lives in the area) to find a compromise solution, "

Example 1 LFP The Real Truth Commentary; No mention whatsoever that Councillor Richter is the one that put the motion forward to have a public meeting for the benefit of neighbours to get more input. In fact Richter was at the said meeting the longest, staying till the bitter end and networked with pretty much all the protestors and Bateman was not seen there at all. Also only Cllrs. Long and Ferguson were there from council. In fact Cllr. Bateman along with other Cllrs. once again refered her motion to staff, a.k.a. - deep sixed. So does this vanity site make it look like someone else is taking the lead on this community issue and Richter nothing? Spin Slickly done.
6.5 out of 10 on the Spin-O- Meter

Example 2 Quote from his blog site;
"A request from VALTAC asking us to support its objectives was referred to a Council Priorities Committee meeting for more discussion (referral moved by Ferguson, seconded by Bateman; Richter opposed). "

Example 2 LFP The Real Truth Commentary;No mention at all that it was Cllr. Richter who was the one that put the motion forward to support the VALTAC objectives in the first place! What Richter voted against was that the old boys club as is typical, deep sixed the same VALTAC Richter motion by referring it to the essentially behind the doors old boys club private council meeting! In essence it looks like Richter did not support the underlying motion when she was in fact the chief supporter and intiator of the original motion! She voted against the delaying deferral only, not the motion which she initiated and supported! She simply wanting it to go ahead immediately. Spin Slickly done again! 8.5 out of 10 on the Spin-O- Meter .

Summary. The power of the public written words in all media should be cautiously understood and digested not only by what is written but also by what is not written, how it is written or perhaps even strategically avoided. Journalism schools teach on this very topic. No wonder today's youth don't believe the media. Note that this is only lesson one as this Editor is sure there will be many more lessons in future!

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