Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bob Long For Mayor? - "Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain"

Langley Times Reporter Al Irwin was fortunate enough to scoop and catch as well as also to get a picture of Township Councillor Bob Long taking down a protest banner and in an ensuing brief struggle with a community protester tearing the same 6 foot long poster in half ( “Short term gain for long term pain.” was on the poster) that was placed on the Fernridge Hall last week at the Township open house that outlined the Township’s controversial plan to rehabilitate a former gravel pit, at 20355 32 Ave into a park.

This Editor just has to wade in on the issue to question whether a sitting Councillor is deemed prudent and wise to climb a ladder , remove a protestor's banner and in a struggle tear it in half in a struggle with a taxpayer. Worse still he got it documented by published photo in the Times! The Times also carefully closes the report by saying " Afterwards, the two men had a lengthy discussion, and parted ways peacefully". Is this the mettle we seek of our elected officials? How about for Mayor? Why not says this Editor , at least this shows this Editor that Bob shows more conviction, passion, integity and balls than the alternative!

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