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Letter To The Editor - June 11, 2007 - From Rick Kaselj - Re: The Unbundling Energy Scam Offers

SCAM Alert

The Unbundling Energy Scam Offers!

Do not sign up for any services offered by any gas marketer that have popped up because of the commodity unbundling of services relating to natural gas.

A representative from a new gas marketer came to my home on May 15, 2007 and scammed me for $579. This representative knocked on my door and informed me that Terasen was not going to be delivering natural gas to my home and that they would be providing that service. He let me know that in order for me to be transferred over to them and have my natural gas service continued, I would have to provide him with my Terasen gas statement. I was resistant at first but he convinced me to provide it. He filled out a form and got me to sign it. He said a letter from Terasen would come in the mail informing me that they would now be delivering natural gas to my home instead of Terasen.

I received a letter dated May 16, 2007 on May 28, 2007 from Terasen gas. After reviewing the letter, and realizing that I was not interested in having this new gas marketer provide me with gas, I explored my cancellation options. I noticed that that I had 10 days with which to cancel however; I received the letter past my 10 day cooling off period. According to the gas marketer weekends and holidays are calculated in the 10 day cooling off period. I contacted them and was informed that I could only cancel my contract if I paid a $310 service charge. In addition the rate I was originally quoted on my contract was $9.14 per GJ and the letter stated the rate was $9.74. When outlining this mistake to them they said I was wrong and refused to make the change.

I have tried to communicate diplomatically with them but they have refused to be understanding. What I have decided is to inform my friends, family, city, politicians and media of the tactics of this situation.

Do not make the same mistake as me. Be cautious and do not sign up for questionable this gas marketers Scam to replace Terasen Gas!

What You Need to Know about this Scam:

  • If you sign up with them, you are locked into a contract for 5 years.
  • Your gas fee will go from $7.663 per GJ to $9.74 per GJ. This is 27% increase or $116 a year.
  • Signing up will cost you almost $579 (over 5 years) compared to today’s rate from Terasen
  • Experts expect natural gas to stay at between $7 - $8 per GJ
  • You have 10 calendar days to cancel the contract, not business days. Holidays and weekends are included in the count.
Educate Yourself:
  • Visit Terasen Gas website ( for more information.
  • Visit British Columbia Utilities Commission which regulates British Columbia's natural gas and electricity utilities ( )
  • Read the Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers at
  • How to file a Complaint -
If these new scammers do end up scamming you, feel free to call Rick at (604) 530-0103 or e-mail at and he can share his experience and let you know what actions he has taken.

Rick Kaselj - Victim of the new unbundled Energy Scam

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