Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mayor Green Moves His Slate-Mates into Township Hall BEFORE the Election

Wednesday evening Councillor Kim Richter was attending a regular Township monthly commission meeting on the 4th floor of the Langley Township municipal Hall building when she was surprised to hear the Mayor's loud voice addressing a group of people in the Murray Creek meeting room.
This was not especially interesting until she noticed that he was addressing all of his election slate-mates candidates, his election campaign team/organizers, his
prolific 'Mayor-Green-can-do-no wrong' royal letter writers and his slate's paid slick PR people. Even more curious though was the signage on the door specifying a social media minding meeting! Really now? Come on!

The fact that Green is holding court regularly with his slate-mates & his partisan pilot fish is not to be unexpected. Clearly when you are running a U.S.-style, slick, big bucks centrally financed (by the real mayor) campaign to elect a slate you need to hold at least weekly meetings. Especially to discuss how to sell a slate as not being a slate! But to hold these meetings in the taxpayers' township hall only steps away from the Township Administration & Mayor's office (which the Mayor has the key for after hours) is, in this Editor's opinion, just blatantly stupid at minimum or even arrogant, presumptuous and wrong.

Isn't moving the Slate-mates into Township hall before the election just a little over the top? Or Are they just scouting out their office space and trying out the furniture in advance?

Look at the potential benefits though for the Green slate-mate election team. By holding their meetings there if an item comes up it's just a few steps from Township administration offices for them to access to any documentation, photocopying, etc., especially given that the mayor has a key!

A lot more tough questions could be asked like did they pay for the room? And at what rate? How many more bookings do they have? Are the slate bookings bumping community groups? Is the slate getting priority bookings?

No matter who booked the room, the Mayor's slate should under no circumstances have agreed to use the taxpayer's digs for their electioneering! This is just plain bad judgement in my opinion. If they're doing this now under cleverly disguised names like "Social Media Minding" I can just imagine what they will try to get away with if they are elected! Shudder the thought!

This now opens the floodgates for ALL the other candidates to hold their individual candidate election meetings at Township hall too. Lets see: 30+ meetings a week for 8 weeks. Great revenue generator for the township! Maybe we the taxpayers who own the hall should be charging 10 times the regular rate for politician's use of it (especially when they have Daddy Warbucks (the real mayor) slate financiers behind them)!

In conclusion this is just bad optics and questionable policy in this Editor's opinion. Obviously good judgement did not prevail in the slate's decision to use Taxpayer financed digs for their election campaigning.

The mayor's slate should apologize for their sheer arrogance on this.

By LFP Editor


  1. Thanks for all the comments so far all of which can't and won't be published. For obvious reasons,LOL. To both sides of the arguments submitted, if you want to own up to who you really are instead of hiding behind 'Anonymous' maybe we will publish them then. I will allow anonymous comments for reasonable and respectful comments anytime. You others will have to come out of the shadows publicly if you really believe and stand behind what you are saying before we publish it.

    By the way our LFP Publisher tells me that in the past week our readership has climbed to the same high level it was at before the LFP hiatus. In just one week. Thank you all and welcome back.

  2. LFP's recent re-birth & this posting has obviously gotten some attention from green's slate-mate election team as apparently our Photographer, Bob Richter (Kim Richter's husband), was himself being photographed/videoed by one of green's very own newest slate-mate! Bob has videoed and has taken pictures from as far back as 2006 for LFP and was being himself photographed/videoed from behind while at tonight's council meeting, by one of green's very own slate-mates no less while Bob was photographing/videoing council for LFP as usual!

    Apparently while this was happening, Councillor Charlie Fox found this so funny that in the middle of his speech he paused and pointed this out to all of us who were viewing the Council meeting on Council's internet live streaming channel. He laughingly said that he found it amusing that someone was photographing/videoing someone else photographing/videoing the council.

    The slate-mate in question apparently left the meeting very promptly after Fox pointed this out, well before the meeting ended. How curious & unusual.