Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Councillor Kim Richter Talks Of Lack of Safe & Adequate Langley Township Snow Removal (Snows Die-Hard Part 4of4)

At the Jan 12th Langley Township Council meeting the staff presented information about the present policy, status and statistics of snow clearing in the Township. A Lengthy round table discussion resulted with most councillors discussing snow removal, concerns and questions they had. It was then moved that staff take these sundry and scattered comments and come back with replies and recommendations to address the present snow removal policy . All voted in favour except for Councillor Richter who essentially thought staff should have be given very specific measurable terms of reference by council to immediately work to improve all snow removal in Langley. Keep in mind that typically when a Township Council item is referred to staff it is usually a tactic to stall or deep six or literally kill any motion referred!

Later when Cllr. Richter spoke to her motion about an immediate implemented standard of snow removal it was moved to ALSO refer it also to staff for a report. Bob Long & Mel Kositsky did not vote for her referred motion and both said essentially that it was far too costly and impossible to clear all township roads. Richter disagreed with their point and as this 48 second long audio clip shows the large observing audience gave Cllr. Richter a loud round of applause after her short speech. So how long before a report comes back if ever this winter?

But this Editor wonders why the council can't just give direction to definitively clear the streets within a certain specified time and manner. Why again the namby panby referral to staff? Pet projects like Cllr. Jordan Bateman's Langley Events Centre and the $3-4-5-6 million Grandstand have no problem getting millions of extra dollars. Cllr. Bateman had no problem adding a quick $1.2 million to the Grandstand fiasco. But they all don't think they can afford safe and clear roads! Go figure! A problem of proper priorities perhaps? Never mind finding cash for golf courses and restaurants!

At yesterday's Langley Township Council meeting Cllr. Kim Richter first said:
"I appreciate and recognize that the staff (Township) did the best it could...it (the poor snow removal) is not a reflection on them (Township staff) but a reflection on the policy in place."
Richter then said:
"I don't think we should be trying in any way shape or form to say this (present Twsph. snow removal policy) is an acceptable practice. It is not. We really need to change the policy."

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